• ERE 2020

    2020 International Conference on Energy, Resource and Environment (ERE 2020) is co-organized by Shandong University and Asia Pacific Institute of Science and Engineering(APISE), which will be held in Shandong University(Qingdao), China during May 7-9, 2020

  • ERE 2020

    2020 International Conference on Energy, Resource and Environment

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Overview of the Conference

Since the industrial revolution, economic development has been accompanied by growth in the consumption of natural resources. Resource and energy development have been associated with a variety of issues that are of socio-economic and environmental implications. They are leading to a number of direct and indirect impacts not only on human society but also, in turn, on energy- and resource-development industries themselves. For example, emerging technologies for energy development, transmission, conversion and utilization are improving the sustainability of the related industries and our society; energy-related environmental pollution is leading to increasingly stringent emission standards, which is in turn hindering industries that generate the emissions; receding permafrost due to warming climate as a result of increasing carbon emission is leading to increased slope instability and soil erosion, and thus affect safety of pipelines; sea level rise could damage energy production facilities located near or in the ocean; prolonged summer and shortened winter could have significant impacts on many energy-related activities, since some activities can be easily done in summer while the others are more suitable for winter.
Extensive research works on sustainable energy development, emerging mitigation and reduction technologies and associated management issues have been undertaken, such as energy efficiency improvement, renewable energy development, climate-change impact and risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation planning, pollution control and decision support system development. The 2020 International Conference on Energy, Resource and Environment (ERE 2020) will be held in Qingdao, China during May 7-9, 2020. It will provide an opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences in studying a of energy, resource and environmental issues. The conference will bring together engineers, scientists, and managers from public and private sectors over the world, and will provide a viable forum for facilitating discussion and sharing experiences, with a focused exposition on new technologies and successful case studies.

Call for participants


If you are interested in giving presentation on conference, without publishing your paper, you can choose to attend ERE 2020 as Presenter. Send email to ere@apise.org for further information.

Invited Speaker

If you are interested in being an invited speaker, to share your ideas in the feild of Energy, Resource and Environment, you are welcome to contact us for any inquiry: ere@apise.org


You are welcome to attend this great event. You need to complete the registration as Listener before the registration dealdine.Send email to ere@apise.org for further information.


We sincerely welcome experts in the areas of Energy, Resource and Environment join the conference as reviewer . Send email to ere@apise.org for further information.

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